BARAXANA Arts Festival 2020 
Fri. 4th - Fri. 11 Dec.
Driving socioeconomic impact and cultural diversity through arts & Culture 

Online Edition
Driving socioeconomic impact and cultural diversity through arts & Culture 
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Baraxana Arts festival is a multidisciplinary/multicultural show off of creativity that spotlights African & Nigerian Ancient, Contemporary and futuristic Art and Culture, especially through Visual Arts, Fashion & Design and Performing Arts, because all other forms of art and culture can be expressed with ease through these platforms.

It is a healthy environment that promotes creative/cultural knowledge exchange in its rich artistic ambience as it focuses on building the career path of the artists involved, encourages people seeking to build a career in the arts and cultural sphere to forge ahead, and shows off the diverse cultures in Africa/Nigeria, which in turn makes it a continuous learning and exchange ground for the society at large.  Whilst being an avenue for young artists and creatives to show off their mastery, it serves as a beacon of hope to cultures that are fast facing out and becoming mixed due to modernization. -- Even though this mix still gives rise to a new style that tells its story through different activities in this festival.



Our Work
Our work aims to not only entertain but touch intrinsic aspects of life. In using our platform to work towards achieving the SGDs by 2030, we promote: Good Health and Well being, Decent Work and Sanitation which  translates to patriotism and births social impact, economic impact and cultural diversity/exchange.
Decent Work & Economic Growth
We use the festival as a tool that kickstarts and drives economic growth as it creates over 40,000 skilled & unskilled jobs in the creative industry annually
Good Health & Well Being
Using the power of aesthetics and a meritorious atmosphere to drive unity as a tool for promoting health and well being in the society
Clean Water & Sanitation
We use the festivity to evangelize and promote especially sanitation as a key to health and wealth.
How to Participate or Support Us
Whether you an artist, an art enthusiast or a lover of festivities, festivals like ours give you an opportunity to participate or support us in many ways as listed below to make it a reality. Click on any title you are interested in to learn more.
To participate in the festival in one of 3 sectors.
To feature in Baraxana Arts International Catalogue
Let the people experience your business in the midst of all the celebration.
Be part of the team working to deliver a seamless and unforgetable experience at the festival.
Make the use of our platform, a reality for a young artist
Let our guests and the world know about your business.
Partners & Sponsors
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Where to find us:
Plot 2099 Opp. RCM Primary School, beside C.I.C Catholic Church, Old Bukuru road, Zarmaganda, Jos - Plateau State, Nigeria